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Microplate Technique for Rh D Grouping

Microplate Technique for Rh D Grouping
FIGURE 787.1: Microplate (96 well) method for blood grouping. Numbers 1 to 12 represent patient identification numbers. Reagents added to the patient sample are written on left, while interpretation (blood group of patient) is written at the bottom. For understanding, reaction patterns of the 8 possible blood groups are shown, while the last 4 columns have been kept empty. Red compact button indicates agglutination, while uniform suspension indicates no agglutination
Microplate is a polystyrene plate consisting of 96 micro wells of either U- or V-shape. Grouping is carried out in micro wells. This method is sensitive and ideal for large number of samples (see Figure 787.1).
Further reading: Rh D GROUPING METHOD
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Read 2404 times
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