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Stool Examination for Ova and Parasites

COLLECTION OF STOOL FOR THE EXAMINATION OF OVA AND PARASITES A random specimen of stool (at least 4 ml or 4 cm³) is collected in a clean, dry, ...

Bilirubin: Conjugated (Direct Bilirubin)

Collection of sample This test is performed with the patient's serum. There is no restriction for a fasting sample. The test can be done by a random ...

Bilirubin: Total, Direct and Indirect Bilirubin (Different Types of Jaundice)

Why is this test performed? This test is performed for the diagnosis and differentiation of jaundice. This test is also done in a patient with ...

Serum Albumin Test: Purpose, Procedure, and Normal Values

Why is this test performed? This test is evaluated in different conditions and diseases such as nephrotic syndrome, liver diseases, kidney diseases, ...

Adrenal Gland Hormones and Interpretation

Why is this test performed? This hormone test is evaluated in different conditions, such as Hyperaldosteronism, Cushing's syndrome and Virilizing ...

Fabricating Medical Dilemma: A Basic Approach to Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics have always played a crucial role in patient and healthcare services provided by healthcare organizations, especially in the recent ...

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