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The Way Forward for Life Sciences Industry to Tackle the Covid-19

By William P. Slattery | Updated: Monday, 23 November 2020 21:43 UTC
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A girl wearing mask for Coronavirus
A girl wearing mask for Coronavirus Pixabay/Tumisu

The Resurgence of Covid-19 has nudged the world to adapt and adjust to the new normal instead of staying aloof. The trend in Life Sciences is no different. The industry seems to be the quickest and the most responsible for responding and performing for the better world out there. A revolution is on the verge of brewing and taking the world by storm. The objective of serving the community better than before has poised the industry to introduce reforms and advancements, defying all the barriers whatsoever. About time, the world will recognize, respect, and accept the significance and importance of Life Sciences.

Covid-19 seems to be the driving force to activate the industry's updating mode earlier than the scheduled and planned time. The future is here.

The article discusses in detail the way forward for Life Sciences Industry to Tackle the Covid-19;

Deinstitutionalization of Hospitals

Likewise, with the Work From Home Culture, Patients will no longer appear in person at the institutionalized hospitals. Instead, the treatments will now happen virtually through digital platforms connecting patients with doctors directly, hence no middleman. Only serious diseases, trauma, and emergency surgeries will be facilitated by hospitals shortly. Apart from cutting the high costs, it will also minimize the need for traveling and safe time.

Furthermore, here are some of the massively disrupting technologies in the pipeline of the future;

  • We're going to be amazed by Scarless Surgeries, which, as the name suggests, won't leave a scar on the human body as esophagus entry will be used by surgeons to conduct surgery.
  • The challenge of organ transplants and shortage of devices will be resolved using 3D Printing of Organs
  • Nerve Cell Transplant to better the functionality of heart failure, stroke patients, and paralysis

Increased Self-awareness of the Genome Generation

The concept of precision medicine will prevail in the near future, removing the past methods of generalized medication. Therefore, the medication will be given, considering the patient's immune system's allergies and requirements. The therapies, treatments, and prescriptions will soon be based on the patient's genetic profile, which will undoubtedly scale up Effectiveness's bar. Genome Generation of individuals, coupled with their increased Self-awareness, will empower the doctors to offer customized solutions based on the insightful data telling the minutest of things about the patient. People will have more knowledge about themselves and be more aware of genetic disorders such as breast cancer and Alzheimer's.

Data turning out as the new Health Currency

Data will be based on each activity performed, decisions made, and transactions processed in Life Sciences in a few years to come. The Healthcare sector is gradually starting to improve its diagnostics and treatments with data; days are not too far from the sole dependence on data. Pharma companies will also hop on the bandwagon through collaborations. Data will be the new currency because of the attached benefits with its use. Moreover, doctors will be empowered in treating covid-19 patients, as well. The information about their health and immune system will be critical for the treatment.

The following changes will occur in this regard;

  • Non-pharma people will have their health data on the palm, creating more awareness and sensitiveness about personal health.
  • Fitness trackers will be advanced enough to produce reliable, credible, and presentable data.
  • Hospitals and pharmaceuticals collaborating for customized medicines and solutions

Tech going beyond the Limits

Life Sciences in the near future will either stretch the boundaries of the impossible or vanish them from scratch. However, it is impossible to remove diseases from the core; tech advancements in Life Sciences are continually coming up with smarter approaches to tackle them. One of the ways is the diagnosis of a disease in a human body even before its existence by using an aligned and synced combo of Data, Science, and Technology. The trend of wearing wearables recording the details of personal health has already started. Coming are the days with smarter versions of these gadgets, helping prevent possible diseases and manage your diet by perfect awareness of the details.

Introduction of Life-extending Technologies

You may have come across gadgets assessing your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and weight. One, their availability worldwide is not that much, and, two, there is no such machine that can perform all the functions single-handedly. Also, the continuous monitoring should be shared with the doctors to remain in the loop and act as per the status. Well. Worry no more. Life-extending technology is going to be invented soon. Real-time diagnosis will then be possible, ensuring the wellness of the patients.

Moreover, there will be certain other developments to be made;

  • Robots will be taking care of Patients similarly to the way they assist people at their house these days
  • Robots playing their role in hospitals and healthcare institutes to better assist the doctors
  • Introduction of Nanomedicines to solve genetic disorders like cancer, inherited blindness, and diabetes type 1 to Extend the Life Expectancy Rate.
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