Porphyrias (from Greek porphura meaning purple pigment; the name is probably derived from purple discoloration of
This is done by flow cytometric analysis for detection of lack of GpIb/IX in Bernanrd


03 Aug 2017
D-dimer is derived from the breakdown of fibrin by plasmin and D-dimer
FDPs are fragments produced by proteolytic digestion of fibrinogen or fibrin by plasmin. For determination of
A blood smear is examined for:
For meaningful interpretation, absolute count of leukocytes should be reported. These are obtained as follows:
Approximate idea about total leukocyte count can be gained from the examination of the smear under

ABO Grouping

There are two methods for ABO grouping:

  1. Autoagglutination: Presence of IgM autoantibodies reactive at room temperature in patient’s <
Microplate is a polystyrene plate consisting of 96 micro wells of either U- or V-shape. Grouping is
A WBC differential count gives us information regarding the proportion and numbers of individual leukocytes in

Erythrocyte (Gr. erythros, red; kytos, cell) or red blood corpuscles are circular, anucleated, highly flexible, biconcave



Packed cell volume (PCV) is the volume occupied by the red cells when a sample of

By this method, the approximate value of hemoglobin is estimated. This method is simple and rapid.

For the estimation of hemoglobin by oxyhemoglobin method, blood sample is mixed with a weak ammonia

Since some species exhibit periodicity (i.e. circulation of microfilariae in increased numbers at certain times

This method is optional for estimation of hemoglobin and this method is recommended by International Committee


When blood is mixed with an


Hemoglobin is composed of heme (iron + protoporphyrin) and <

Red Cell Indices

19 Jul 2016
Red Cell Indices

When the recipient’s ABO and Rh blood groups are determined, the donor blood unit that

APTT is a measure of coagulation factors in intrinsic pathway (F XII, F XI, high molecular
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