Dayyal Dg.

Dayyal Dg.

Clinical laboratory professional specialized to external quality assessment (proficiency testing) schemes for Laboratory medicine and clinical pathology. Author/Writer/Blogger

The organisms likely to be transmitted by transfusion are usually those, which are prevalent in a

Blood transfusion is a life-saving procedure in an appropriate setting and there are no side-effects in

Graying or whitening of hair is a natural process and as the man ages, the capability

Prediabetes is a state in which

In long-standing Diabetes Mellitus (DM) of both types, a wide variety of lesions develop in many <

Insulin is the major hormone regulating blood glucose level. Insulin is synthesized by β cells of pancreas

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic group of disorders characterized by persistent

Detection of a fake or adulterated urine sample is necessary before going to the further process

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