Dayyal Dg.

Dayyal Dg.

Clinical laboratory professional specialized to external quality assessment (proficiency testing) schemes for Laboratory medicine and clinical pathology. Author/Writer/Blogger

Myocardial cell necrosis leads to membrane damage and leakage of cell contents into the bloodstream. This

International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) Working Party has organized red cell

The organisms likely to be transmitted by transfusion are usually those, which are prevalent in a

Blood transfusion is a life-saving procedure in an appropriate setting and there are no side-effects in

Graying or whitening of hair is a natural process and as the man ages, the capability

Prediabetes is a state in which

In long-standing Diabetes Mellitus (DM) of both types, a wide variety of lesions develop in many <

Insulin is the major hormone regulating blood glucose level. Insulin is synthesized by β cells of pancreas

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