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Victoria amazonica, (Amazon lily) leaf diameter 1.5 to 1.8 m
Victoria amazonica, (Amazon lily) leaf diameter 1.5 to 1.8 m

Pollination in Rafflesia
By flies/mites

Dispersal of seeds in Rafflesia
By Elephant

Smallest parasite
Arceuthobium minutissimum — It lives in stem of Pinus,

Rootless plants
Balanophora, Utricularia, Ceratophylium, Woiffia

Plantless roots
plants have only roots to perform assimilation/growth/reproduction e.g. Sapria, Podostemum, Arceuthobium, Rafflesia

Scindapsus (family Araceae)
First terrestrial and then becomes epiphyte

Arachis hypogea (Ground nut)
Flowering occurs outside soil and after fertilization, ovaries go into soil where fruit formation occurs. It is called Geocarpy and is due to auxin action.

Plant with Broadest leaves
Victoria amazonica, (Amazon lily) leaf diameter 1.5 to 1.8 m

Plant with Longest leaf
Raphia vinifera (10—15 m)

Largest (Tallest) angiosperm
Eucalyptus regnans (114 m)

Tallest Gymnosperm
Sequoiadenron sempervirens ( = Sequoia gigantea) Douglosfir or Californian red wood tree

Largest flower
Rafflesia arnoldi ( 1 mt in dia, wt 7 kg) It is a root parasite on Tetrastigma roots

Largest inflorescence
Amorphophallus titanum (5.5 m) may be upto 12 m in Agave

Largest cotyledons
Capsella bursa pestoris (Shepherd’s purse)

Biggest fruit
Lodoicea maldivica (Double coconut wt 6 kg)

Largest diameter of a tree
Taxodium mucronatum (100—125 ft) Cestanea (167 feet)

Strongest wood used to keep mummies
Taxodium mucronatum (a gymnosperm)

Maximum number of chromosomes, plant
Ophioglossum reticulatum (2n = 1262)

Aulacantha Radiolarians (2n = 1600)

Smallest Archegonium is found in

Largest Archegonium is found in

Smallest gametophyte plant

Largest gametopilytic plant

Smallest pollen grain (2.5 t)

Largest pollen grain (250 j.t)

Biggest ovule
Cycas thourasii (7 cm in length)

Biggest sperm

Biggest egg

Largest seed
Lodoicea maidivica

Maximum number of chromosomes in Angiospérms
Poa litorosa 2n = 266

Smallest chromosome
An alga (0.025 rim)

Largest chromosome
Trillium govanianuin (30 jim)

Minimum number of chromosomes - Plant
Mucor, Porphyra (n = 2)

Minimum number of chromosomes - Animal
Ascaris (2n = 2)

Highest yielding cereal (grain) crop

Largest and widest cultivated crop
Rice (Oryza sativ)

Most advanced family
Compositae in dicots and gramineae in monocots

Billiards ball is made
from vegetable (Ivory) Palm (Phvtelephas microcarpa)

Lightest wood
Balsa (Ochrorna Pyramidale) sp. gr. 00444

Heaviest wood of world
Guaicum officinale ( sp. gr. I .49 wt. 93 lb/cubic feet

Fire proof wood (wood without resin)
Sequoia dendron

Maximum life span of a tree
Macrozamia (10000 years), Dracaena (8000 years)

Largest spreading tree
Ficus bengulensis

Largest leaf in diameter
Victoria arnazonica (V. regia) Amazon lily dia. (5—6 ft)

Longest leaf
Raphia vinifera 30—50 ft

Longest Botanic Garden of World
Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, England

First Plant taxonomist

World’s largest herbarium
Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, England

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