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Published: Friday, 09 June 2017
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Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin
Many objections were proposed by scientist to Darwinism. They are,
  1. Natural selection does not explain the origin of variations (arrival of the fittest). It explains only the presence of variations (survival of the fittest). Why Darwin was unable to explain the origin of variations? Because he did not know about genes.
  2. Darwin believed that the variations help in competition. At the beginning the wings in birds are in primordial state. Then how they fly to protect from enemies? Likewise in Torpedo [electric ray], the protective electric organ was in rudimentary stage at the beginning. Then how the Torpedo was protected before the full development of electric organ?
  3. Darwin was unable to explain the presence of vestigial organs.
  4. Darwin did not explain the overgrowth of antlers in Irish deer and tusks in Jefferson’s Mammoths.
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