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Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Visa Service

By BS MediaTwitter Profile | Updated: Friday, 21 August 2020 23:22 UTC
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Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Visa Service
Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Visa Service

Visa medical services usually include medical screening alongside other medical checkups. Chest X rays and blood tests are taken to discover any disease or sickness that might be present in the client’s body.

One of the main aspects of visa medical service is finding a reliable medical centre or laboratory to conduct screening and medical tests. The medical centre or laboratory must be certified and follows the national and international standards to provide quality screening for its clients. Capital Health Screening centre offers medical screening for all individuals allowing them to obtain DOH certified screening alongside other medical checkups. The records and lab reports can then be submitted to the specific institutions or embassies for verification.

Importance of Visa Medical Service

Visa medical services usually include medical screening alongside other medical checkups. Chest X rays and blood tests are taken to discover any disease or sickness that might be present in the client’s body. In many cases, people suffering from severe diseases might be asymptomatic, and thus it is difficult to diagnose that disease. To avoid any discomfort that might take place in the future due to undiscovered medical condition, it is vital that visa applicants go through a medical examination from a professional medical staff.

Pre-Requistes for Visa Medical Screening

Clients can receive medical screening for visa purposes once they have booked their appointment online. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to start the medical assessment. The applicants must arrive at the appointment with the documents listed below:

  • Immunization and vaccination records
  • Health insurance
  • Previous chest x-ray reports
  • Copy of previous medical records
  • Work permit (if applied)
  • Governmental identification card, ID, passport, etc

Visa Medical Service for Residency

A lot of medical students from the UAE prefer to continue their residency in other countries. To do so, the students must show their medical records and documentation. There should be proofs of immunization and if there is a health concern, it should be notified to the organization they are associated with. The residents work with the public sector and are continuously in contact with patients. Therefore, to avoid the spread of infectious disease, complete medical profiling must be acquired for safety purposes.

Method for Visa Medical Service

Visa medical service is offered to people who need medical screening for their visa application. It is either required by the embassy of a country or the organization that you are planning to work for. Countries prioritize the health of their citizens over everything else and thus they make sure that the visiting health care workers and other employees are healthy enough to serve their jobs and responsibilities.

To ensure that you receive the ideal form of medical documentation, Capital Health Screening centre provides the medical services to fulfill your needs. The process is extremely easy and quick and does not require much time from your busy schedule. There are 4 main steps that you need to take to receive your medical screening for visa and its reliable results. The 4 steps are listed below:

  • Schedule an appointment

    You can schedule your appointment online through their website or directly call on their number: 800 SCREEN (800 727 336). It is highly recommended to do advance booking for priority medical services. Children below the age of 18 do not need to receive medical screening.

  • Medical Screening

    The medical screening takes place in one of the branches of the Capital Health centre. You can visit their location at the scheduled time and find yourself with a professional healthcare worker.

  • Walk-In Service

    The next step is the walk-in service which involves a physical examination by the doctors. However, due to the current pandemic and the imposition of social distancing, the walk-in service is temporarily unavailable. The applicants are encouraged to pre-book the appointments for the coming months.

  • Collect Results

    The results of your examination, screening, and medical tests are available within the next 48 hours of your appointment. The clients are updated about their results status on SMS as well. You can choose your preferred time frame from the package options on the website. Individuals can also send company members or relatives to collect the results if they are unable to do it by themselves.

What to Avoid During Visa Medical Service

Visa medical services are extremely specific and require verification from reliable sources. Individuals must take responsibility to ensure that their medical records are authentic and have legal documentation to prove that.

  • Choosing an Unreliable Screening centre

    A common mistake while receiving medical screening is choosing an unreliable and unsafe place for the assessment. The medical centre has to have modern equipment and other resources to ensure that you obtain standard quality service and correct results.

  • Fake documentation and immunization records

    Fake documentation of your medical history can result in denial of visa and expulsion from institutions and enterprises. It is an illegal practice that would lead to strict actions taken again you. Your documentation must be verified and proved in all circumstances. If you have lost your immunization record, it is your responsibility to receive the vaccinations again for the purpose of documenting.

Before the Appointment:

In order to have a successful experience of visa medical screening, it is advised to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Avoid exercise as it can lead to irregular heartbeat and fluctuations in the blood pressure.
  2. Avoid coffee and strongly caffeinated products.
  3. Make sure to receive a full night’s sleep before the day of your appointment.
  4. Avoid salty and spicy foods.
  5. Inform your doctor about your current medications and their side effects.

Types of Medical Screening and Standard Prices

After planning your visit to the medical centre, you can also explore the best screening service and price for yourself. There are three main options offered by the Capital Health centre:

  1. Standard Screening (250 Dhs)
  2. Express Screening (300 Dhs)
  3. Premiere Screening (500 Dhs)

Capital Health Screening centre ensures that the medical service fulfills the standard criteria for visa applications. The centre is proud to be associated with a professional medical team who are passionate about their work. The efficiency is guaranteed with results available in 48 hours after the screening process.

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