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5 Unmistakable Signs That You Are a Strategic Thinker

By BS MediaTwitter Profile | Updated: Wednesday, 16 November 2022 19:52 UTC
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Thoughtful attractive young woman thinking and looking away over a white wall.
Thoughtful attractive young woman thinking and looking away over a white wall. Freepik / @diana.grytsku

Are you a strategic thinker? Believe it or not, there are a lot of advantages to realizing that you have the capacity for strategic thought and planning. Sometimes, people who are really good at strategy don't realize it because it feels normal to them.

Perhaps nobody has ever pointed out that you have such an amazing gift.

Or maybe people do point it out, and you brush it off as something normal and ‘unspecial.’

But here's the thing:

Strategic thinkers who learn how to utilize their talents in the corporate world, in the business world when managing projects, when leading teams, etc. can often succeed at fantastic levels far beyond what they ever would have imagined.

And all it takes is learning to identify the traits of a strategic thinker. Then, applying some simple intentionality to your abilities.

It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

But this phrase is especially true when you’re a strategic thinker.

Here are five unmistakable signs that you are, indeed, a strategic thinker.

1. You Tend To Think Ahead

Do you tend to be pretty good at looking ahead into the future, and figuring out what should or shouldn't be done?

Are you pretty good at setting yourself up for a better experience down the road, and identifying problems that might arise?

If so, then you're definitely utilizing a hallmark trait of some of the greatest strategic thinkers—the ability to plan ahead.

2. You Think In Patterns

Here's the thing about strategy.

It requires an understanding of the rules of the context, and how all of the different pieces can fit and move together.

And guess what?

This all really comes down to patterns.

If you can learn to see patterns in situations, people's behavior, contextual environments, etc. then you're probably a more strategic thinker than you give yourself credit for.

Only some people think in pattern-centric terms.

And if you do, you're probably a lot smarter than you even realize.

3. You Make Awesome Checklists

Did you know that the vast majority of successful entrepreneurs and business owners make themselves to-do lists on a daily basis?

Of course, they also make lists for other parts of their lives.

But here's the thing:

The reason for why this is important is simply this.

People who make lists are often the same types of people who understand that making a plan for your time is more efficient than just winging it.

So whether you make to-do lists for your day, checklists for business trips, international travel checklists, lists of goals that you want to accomplish in the coming year, etc. All of this points to the fact that you're probably a very potent strategic thinker,

4. You Understand Cause And Effect

Some people struggle to remember that cause and effect is a universal principle.

For example:

  • What comes up must come down.
  • If you smile at someone, that smile is likely to be contagious.
  • If you forget to pick up the milk from the grocery store, you won't have any milk to add to your cereal in the morning.

These are all cause-and-effect principles.

And the deeper you can get with understanding how these principles apply to different situations in life, the better you can be at planning and strategizing better outcomes.

This is definitely a ‘strategic thinker’ trait

5. You Try To Plan For Things In Advance

If you find yourself trying to engineer better situations in your life by planning ahead and intentionally spending your time, energy, and resources on good things that will help to produce better outcomes, then guess what?

You're not just a strategic thinker—you're also literally using your strategic thinking skills to make your life better and improve your situation.

And that’s pretty awesome.


Hopefully, this post has helped you to realize whether or not you may have some strategic thinking traits of your own.

Guess what?

Strategic thinkers have the potential to be incredibly successful.

Starting today, try using your amazing gifts to make your life, situation, and future better than ever.

You can do it.

Get out there and give it a try.

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