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Most Advanced Techniques to Regenerate Hair Loss

Naman Modi
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Published: Wednesday, 09 December 2020
Updated: Wednesday, 09 December 2020 11:07
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Most Advanced Techniques to Regenerate Hair Loss
Most Advanced Techniques to Regenerate Hair Loss Naman Modi

Hair growth is an intriguing thing going through four hair follicle growth stages, Anagen, Exogen, catagen, and telogen. In the first stage, hormones give a signal to the hair follicle stem to grow. The cells grow fast and start pigmenting. This stage is always occurring for 90% of hair follicles at any given point in time.

Exogen is when new hair shafts push out the old hair shaft leading to hair elongation. Catagen is when most hair follicles are destroyed, while telogen is when the hair follicle is at rest, causing no hair growth. Hair loss is part of hair growth and replacement hair, but in unusual cases, telogen lasts forever; hence no hair growth in the most vulnerable follicles.

There is new tech to help regrow hair lost from Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium, Chemotherapy-induced Alopecia, or any other cause of hair loss; you can rest in the hope that new technologies will restore the anagen phase of hair growth. The best tech in hair regeneration is FUE hair transplant, and stem cell transplant.

FUT Hair Loss Remedy

Baldness was always a permanent condition till the FUT hair transplant came to the scene. FUT is an abbreviation for follicular unit transplant transfer. The remedy involves a surgeon cutting a strip of hair from the head's back, extracting hair follicles, and transplanting them.

The strip of hair uprooted is small and at maximum covers one and a half centimeters. For those with minimal hair loss, the strip is smaller. The surgical procedure is fast and can take anything from 4 to 8 hours. It's that simple!

FUT Hair Loss Remedy
Figure 1370.1: FUT Hair Loss Remedy

The surgery takes place when the patient is awake with the help of local anesthesia. After the hair is uprooted, the follicles are planted like seeds on the new section using SmartGraft. The entire surgery takes just a few hours in your day, after which you go back to your routine.

There are few things a patient should avoid for the first four weeks after the first few weeks of the transplant, but after that, it's just everyday life. The patient cannot use a cap, go for a swim, or wash hair. It goes without saying that the hair should not be scratched until this period.

The procedure is very successful. You can see permanent results after just six months of the surgery. It has a success rate above 80%. That implies 8 out of every 10 folks who have done the surgery have normal hair and no bald patches. The procedure is recommended to folks who fit the following points:

  • Men who have been diagnosed with the Hamilton-Norwood Pattern baldness
  • The patient must be at least 25 years of age since it's hard to predict younger patients' baldness.
  • Folks with high hair density have a better result with FUT.
  • The bald spot should be on the front part of the head. Those with a bald on the backside are harder to bring back.
  • Hair color should be the same as the rest of the body to have natural-looking hair.

The above points are just a general guideline and not a full list of who should use FUT. That is since it is successful with almost all kinds of people.

FUE Hair Remedy

FUE hair remedy is a more modern version than FUT, with a higher success rate than FUT. It has a success rate of over 90%, and besides, it doesn't have any scalpel used on the head. It is a non-intrusive surgery and a favorite for better results with an almost painless process and guaranteed results.

FUE Hair Remedy
Figure 1370.2: FUE Hair Remedy

FUE is the process of replacing lost hair by implanting healthy hair follicles from other parts of the head. A donor section of the head is picked based on its abundance of hair. Like FUT, the donor area in the back of the scalp.

Hair is uprooted from this section and is ready for transplant. Unlike FUT, no strip of skin containing hair is harvested, rather individual hair follicles that are to be planted are extracted from the donor site.

The procedure is also performed using anesthesia to reduce any complications and shorten the surgery period. The surgery is fast, and patients can go back to work after completing surgery in 8 to 12 hours. For precision, the surgery is done under a microscope.

Patients have a realistic hairline due to the work and precision put in FUE hair transplant. Hair follicles are extracted on an individual basis with glands and at some point in groups of four as that how hair follicles grow naturally.

The procedure is very intricate; hence it takes more time to compare to FUT, and besides, it is scar-free. But the rigor raises the success rates to the roof. One reason is that the follicles are not exposed to as much damage as other hair transplant surgery.

Stem Cell Remedy

The first stem cell hair was carried out in 2007 by Italian scientists. It is now popular in hair transplant Los Angeles as it has an excellent success rate. Stem cells are cells that can convert into any cell type in the body.

Stem Cell Remedy
Figure 1370.3: Stem Cell Remedy

A biopsy is done to extract stem cells from the patient. A biopsy is done using a circular blade rotated into the skin to get a circular tissue. The stem cell is separated from the tissue using a centrifuge. The stem cells extracted are injected back into the scalp of the patient.

The procedure has good results with hair growing at both donor and targeted hair sections. The process is simple but works for almost all hair loss types as it is extracted from the same patient. Hence no risk of rejection.


While the prospect of stopping or stalling hair loss remains a pipe dream, we can have a consolation that hair regrowth is not only in the pipeline but viable. The need to do a hair transplant Los Angeles is crucial due to the social stress that comes with hair loss. The adoption of FUE hair transplant has enabled the restoration of image and confidence in hair loss victims.

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Most Advanced Techniques to Regenerate Hair Loss
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