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Naman Modi in Hair Care
Wednesday, 09 December 2020 10:42

Most Advanced Techniques to Regenerate Hair Loss

Hair growth is an intriguing thing going through four hair follicle growth stages, Anagen, Exogen, catagen, and telogen. In the first stage, hormones give a signal to the hair follicle stem to grow. The cells grow fast and start pigmenting. This stage is always occurring for 90% of hair follicles…

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Dayyal Dg. in Hair Care
Tuesday, 01 January 2019 12:12

What Causes White Hair and How to Prevent it?

Graying or whitening of hair is a natural process and as the man ages, the capability to synthesize the normal amount of melanin pigment declines this ultimately results in grey or whitening of hair. Melanin is a pigment produced by the cells of hair follicles which are small sacs that…

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