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A Comprehensive Info About Paddlewheel Flow Meters

By Naman ModiTwitter Profile | Updated: Thursday, 21 January 2021 08:51 UTC
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A Comprehensive Info About Paddlewheel Flow Meters
A Comprehensive Info About Paddlewheel Flow Meters Naman Modi

Paddlewheel flowmeters are among the most popular and accurate flow meters. These meters are easy to install, and their maintenance cost is low. They are cheap, and their accuracy to measure the flow of liquids is very high.

A paddlewheel flow meter is a meter used to control the flow of liquids. It has three essential components. These components are;

  • the paddlewheel sensor,
  • the pipe fitting
  • and the controller. The sensor has a rotating wheel with fixed magnets.

As the magnets rotate over the sensor, the paddlewheel meter creates the speed and voltage signal related to the flow rate. When the flow is high, the speed and power also become high. The flow displays and controllers are used to receive the signal from the meter. And change it into the real flow rate. This signal can be used to monitor the process, create alarms and send alerts.

Paddlewheel flowmeters are cheap, and their accuracy is high. They are commonly used to measure the flow of liquids. You can also install and operate these meters efficiently without any problems. Its high accuracy comes with low maintenance costs. Always go for these meters when choosing a water flow meter.

Why Paddlewheel Flow Meters are Popular

The Accuracy Cost

Paddlewheel flowmeters have a high accuracy level. This accuracy makes them popular. Every time you buy a meter, it is good to look at its accuracy levels. If you want more accuracy levels, you should be ready to pay more for it. The pay is worth it because if you have constant accuracy, you will not experience some losses.

They are Easy to Install

Paddlewheel is more preferred than other flow meters. It is because they are easy to install and operate. You can install them either upwards or vertically with the flow in any direction. Installing them in either way will not interfere with the flow measurement.

You can buy these meters complete with a sensor, display, and a pipe fitting. It makes it easy to install with all these. Paddlewheel flow meters can also be bought with saddle mount type pipe fitting installed in existing or even big pipes where in-line fittings are not allowed.

Battery or AC operated

A paddlewheel flow meter is advanced and uses solid circuitry to work on standard batteries with no need for electrical connections. These batteries are modern and can work for a minimum of one year. These batteries can be replaced and cannot destroy the factory settings.

They also have capabilities such as batch process control, analog output signal, and remote readouts. These meters need a power source and are mostly supplied with AC or DC. Paddlewheel flowmeters are also flexible, and you will enjoy using them.

They are Versatile

Paddlewheel flowmeters are widespread in water applications. This popularity is worth it because they offer the best measurement. You can also use paddlewheel flow meters to measure the flow of thick liquids such as oils.

You will only need to provide a turbulent flow. If the Reynolds number is more than 4000, the flow will be turbulent even if the thickness changes. To maintain the accuracy of these viscous fluids, the Reynolds number has to be more than 4000.

Unlike other meters, a paddlewheel flow meter is not affected by the specific gravity of the fluid. You will not make special adjustments. These meters can also have remote readouts. This ability makes it to install in a desirable area. The real sensor is put in an unknown place of the pipe.


The paddlewheel meter and the axle are in direct contact with the liquid. The paddle then rotates in the direction that is directly related to the flow rate. These parts can wear as time goes by. Meters used at the high end of their order or positioning will wear first compared to those operated at lower ends.

You cannot estimate how long these parts last because each liquid has different characteristics. Some liquids can be aggressive, while others tend to be mild. Always make sure you consider the resistance of fluids being measured. The axle and paddle can be easily replaced, so always ensure that your meter is well maintained. An abandoned meter will give inaccurate flow measurements. It will also give you unnecessary costs.

All meters require maintenance. The maintenance cost of a paddlewheel flow meter should not make you not use it.

Maximize Paddlewheel Performance

Make sure that your paddlewheel flow meter does not fall under one foot. If this does happen, the accuracy of the meter will be affected. Paddlewheel flowmeters are used for clean liquids. If you use it on dirty or fluids with rocks in it, the axle or the paddle will be damaged.

Always make sure you follow the manufacturer's advice on how to install the meter. If you don't follow the guidance given, you will not get accurate results.


Paddlewheel flowmeters are among the most popular and accurate flow meters. These meters are easy to install, and their maintenance cost is low. Always make sure you ask for advice before you purchase any meter. Also, make sure you use a flow meter where it is supposed to be used. Using it in the wrong application will give you inaccurate measurements.

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