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Know the Worth of a Diamond with a Diamond Calculator

By Naman ModiTwitter Profile | Updated: Friday, 25 December 2020 20:05 UTC
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Know the Worth of a Diamond with a Diamond Calculator
Know the Worth of a Diamond with a Diamond Calculator

Are looking how to sell or buy a diamond. The price of any diamond is calculated by its carat weight, color, and clarity. The importance of carat affects the exponential manner. Evaluating the value of a diamond is a simple process, and you may need to measure as well.

Diamond carat weight

If you do not know what the carat is? Then learn it here. Carat is known as the measurements in the unit that are measured in units. However, it does not mean the dimension of the diamond. You will find out that many of the jewelry refers to the diamond weight in terms of the points. The average engagement ring you will find in the United States is between 1.08 and 1.2 carats. It varies on the size of the diamond.

Therefore, the weight of the carats affects the value of the exponential. It is easy to expect the 2 carats of the diamond are twice the carats' value, which is equal to the cut, color, and clarity of four times its original cost.

If you get a larger diamond, they are essential and rarer than the smaller one. Always remember carats are measured in weight and NOT in dimension. Check if the carats are approved for jewelry appraisal for insurance. The shape and cut of the diamond appear more extensive compared to the equal carat weight.


The cut of the cut refers to the proportion and not the shape. The amount is determined by the brilliance or sparkles of the essential factor you need to consider when evaluating. In case you found out color, clarity, and carat weight as it cuts along the value.

You may need to look for jewelers to mark the cutting rate. The light may reflect the off facets and return to the crown. The process may give your diamond brilliance the sparkle.

When you cut properly, the light should enter through the diamond and enter the crown on the table. When you cut the diamond too deep, the light will fall out of the inside instead of refracting on the top. The cutting scale ranks diamond from excellent to low. Therefore, you may find your diamond is a good or superior cut grade.

Diamond clarity

When you hear diamond clarity, what comes to your mind is number, size, type, and degree of visibility. The transparency of diamond measures in the appearance and inclusive of the blemishes. Almost all diamonds are similar to the birthmark. The scale of the diamond ranges from flawless (FL) that includes (1 and 3).

The diamond's utmost clarity is professional-grade and inspected diamond with a significant magnification of the required details. You may need to use Alex & Company Jewelers Newton, MA when measuring. The rating may appear as VS2, which allows you to give outstanding clarity of the diamond.

You will get some of the diamond that enhances, which may not be a recommendation. If you get a diamond that is included in (SI1-S12) inclusive can be naked eye. This is without magnification. This may be under intense magnification, which is not with naked eyes.

Flawless of the diamond is absolutely no internal character that is visible. To get this type of diamond is rare, and the exclusive is the normal one. It would be best if you considered most enhance for decreasing the value, which is easily detachable under a microscope. The improvements must disclose at the time of the sale. The value of the diamond varies in different sizes.

After checking out, you may realize the enhancement of the decrease and to start when diamond shopping.

Diamond shape

The shape of the diamond is a massive factor in determining the value. The figure means a lot when it comes to the calculation of the diamond shape. You need to check it correctly on the various things. For example, if you check out for the princess's form, you will find out that diamonds were famous in the early 1980s. If you compare them today are not that popular. That shows how they have decreased in today's market.

You will find out that the diamond shape held the most crucial part in the round brilliant. They mostly retain their value as well. Let us check some of the standard forms and how it is worth the diamond calculator.


The most popular shape of the diamond is round brilliant. You will get it with 50 facets of the round brilliant. Most of the sparks are around the diamond shape. They are popular and can accompany up to 75% of the sales today. Those are some of the vintage types of round diamond shape. That is why we suggest you have a jewelry appraisal for insurance.


The calculation of the cut is a brilliant style for both the oval and sparkle. You may get more of them that account for almost 75% of the diamond. The shape may be flattened with the figure. That is why when you calculate the measurements of the diamond, you can get it differently.


When you determine the diamond's worth, you could cushion the rounded corner's shape. It may be rectangular or square, which is the pillow of the diamond. The shape of the diamond varies a lot for the 58 brilliance facet pattern. If you get a brilliant facet pattern, it means the facet radiates from the center to the diamond's edge. The cushion is known for having a large aspect for the edge of the diamond. Therefore, the face shape makes the sparkles and shines for the extra brilliant.


In this article, you can understand more about how diamonds are calculated. The use of Alex & Company Jewelers Newton, MA helps you to get the measurements of your diamond to figure. It may vary in different things, like the shapes and colors of the diamond. You can check all of the points listed here to understand the diamond calculator.

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