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Top Ways to Add Notification Bar On Your Website

Naman Modi
By Naman Modi Twitter Profile
Published: Monday, 01 February 2021
Updated: Monday, 01 February 2021 11:36
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Top Ways to Add Notification Bar On Your Website
Top Ways to Add Notification Bar On Your Website Naman Modi

If you are serious about generating income through your website, you understand the importance of a custom notification bar. Many site owners pay experts to add notification bars to their websites. There's nothing wrong with that, but you have the power to experiment and make swift changes if you add the notification bar yourself.

If you do not know how to add a notification bar, do not fret. We will take you through simple ways to add a notification bar to your site. All you will need is suitable plugins for your website. You will enjoy the exercise. Stay tuned.

Purchase a Notification Bar Plugin

Several custom notification bar plugins are researched on the best that will suit your website, depending on your website host. If you are working with a WordPress site, then you will have plenty of notification bars plugins to select from. Choose one which is within your budget and will give you the best service depending on your needs. Install the plugin to your website before you proceed to the next step. The steps below are how you can use the Apex plugin to add a notification bar.

Add a Custom Notification Bar

Once you have the plugin on your website, click on it on the dashboard. Click on the 'Notification Bars List' from there, you will view all the old notification bars you have used on your website. There is an option to 'add new.' Click on that button so that you can create a new notification bar.

The action will prompt you to add a new bar. You can select a suitable template for your custom notification bar. Some people choose to use their unique layout- but it is more tedious than using a template.

Upload a logo for your bar. It is the best option since you upload one that matches your business. Set the height and the width so that it fits on the bar. Then, add components to your notification bar.

It is always wise to include social components on the notification bar. In most cases, they appear on the left side of the bar. The countdown timer is usually on the right-hand side. Other right components include opt-in form, post title, video pop-up, etc. Then you can add an optional panel. It carries over texts, trigger images, footer text, content types, etc.

Set the Time and Position the Bar

Since a notification bar should run for a limited time, you should remember to set the last date. Thus, the timer will count down to the set date.

Select where you wish the notification bar to appear. Many people position it at the top of the page. There are a few people who set it at the base. However, it would help if you let the design of your website guide you. Also, you can add snowflakes to your website.

Using SumoMe

We said there are several plugins you can use to add a notification bar. SumoMe is another plugin you can use. It is one of the easiest plugins you can use with your WordPress website. You can install the plugin and follow the steps above. Alternatively, you can paste a code on your website if you have the Squarespace.


This is another option you can use. The plugin allows you to set the bar according to your goals. The steps to follow are easy. Click on 'create new' and follow through with other steps. Customize your notification bar, set the location, add the timer, and your notification bar will be ready to use.

You do not need to buy the HelloBar plugin. There's a free version that you can use. Although it has limited features, they are enough to pass your message across.


This plugin has free and paid versions. If you use the free version, you can customize the bar for one website only—it's a great option for small businesses and people with single websites. But if you have multiple sites, it is wise to select the paid version.

Squarespace's Bar

If you have built your website on Squarespace, then you will have to follow some simple steps to add your bar. There is an option for 'announcement bars' on the dashboard. Once you select the type of bar, once you are done customizing, enable the bar, and it will appear on your website.


There are several ways to add a custom notification bar to a website. Plugins are the best way you can add one. It is because they offer you templates that you can use. Also, you do not need to understand coding to add a bar to your site.

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Top Ways to Add Notification Bar On Your Website
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