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Back Pain

5 Smart Ideas for Tackling Back-Pain Issues in Offices

By Tehreem Mukhtar | Updated: Monday, 15 March 2021 22:18 UTC
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Short-haired girl in white t-shirt with smile reading book while sitting on soft bean bag.
Short-haired girl in white t-shirt with smile reading book while sitting on soft bean bag. Freepic / LookStudio

It’s no surprise that a normal office worker spends half of the day sitting in the chair, and it directly affects health. Recent studies have shown that an inactive way of life can prompt genuine medical issues, like muscle and joint pain, poster issues, obesity, heart disease, and back pain. With the wrong choice of furniture, you could obstruct creativity and causing your workers to feel uncomfortable, compact, and stuffed into a box.

With that in mind, there's a constant demand for designers to make office spaces and determine office furniture that will assist with improving their workers' well-being and health. In this blog, you will find out how smart furniture ideas will keep you healthy, productive, and engaged at work while working in an office.

Bean Bags

Bean bags are ideal for baby rooms, lounges, and also for office environments where they can help you to be tension-free and peaceful. When your workers feel great, they work more effectively, listen better, and team up better.

Bean bags are multifunctional and transformers, they can easily transform from a recliner to a footrest even in a bed. Bean bags in the office can give some flexibility that will change their attitude and mindset in the office.

Bean bags are so convenient and come in an amazing variety of sizes and shapes. They can easily match and redecorate your room with them anytime you like to any room in the home, bedroom, or even in the office.

Treadmill Desk

On paper, a treadmill work area seems like the ideal answer for continuous sitting. The thought is that workers can walk at a slow speed on the treadmill while they complete the task. The simple task like attending phone calls or reading messages will not be affected by the movement of the worker. Therefore, a treadmill desk will help them to make them active and efficient in the office.

From prolonged sitting throughout the day, using the computer can give some neck strain and back pain. The treadmill desk keeps the workers in motion, burns calories, and potentially helps them to reduce developing back and neck pain.

With a treadmill desk, the workers can perform challenging and complex tasks as well as a worthwhile healthcare craze. They allow office workers and employees to get more exercise, be more productive, and mentally comfortable.

Exercise Balls

Few associations are interested to keep their workers seated because they believe that it is the best posture where they can do their most profitable work. In this way, designers are progressively bringing up seating alternatives that require 'dynamic sitting' for example, exercise balls in chairs.

By sitting on an unsteady base like exercise balls, workers will be relaxed. They will be bound to move around and change their position during the day, enacting various muscles each time they move.

The concept of using an exercise ball rather than a traditional office chair is that the exercise ball provides an instability base which promotes the workers to activate trunk muscles. Hence, improve posture, core strength, and relieve discomfort.

Balance Boards

Similar to how an activity ball requires ‘active sitting’, a balance board requires the worker to participate in ‘active standing’. Notwithstanding, a couple in the office breakout area might request, offering an adjustment in pose and consolidating extra development into casual gatherings, or meetings to generate new ideas.

A balance board can increase your movements, supplementing your standing desk without affecting your productivity. With the balance board, the workers can increase their coordination, concentration, strengthen the ankle joint to prevent aches and back pain, and keep them alert and active.

Regardless of how comfortable your office chairs are they can affect your posture, make workers lethargic and burn fewer calories due to lack of movement. Balance boards prompt better posture by maintaining blood flow and provide relief in back and neck pain.

Sit-Stand Desk

A sit-to-stand desk is an ideal and alternative option for those clients who want to spend less time sitting down at work. It is an adjustable-height desk that permits workers to stand and sit at any time.

The transition in postures throughout the day offers significant well-being and health benefits. A whole day standing is similarly as terrible as sitting down for workers. In both situations workers are inactive and their health greatly affects. Hence, having the choice to change the position among standing and sitting down at the workplace, the workers will be productive, suffer fewer aches as well as faceless back problems as compared to spending too long in one position.

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