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Prescott, Harley and Klein's Microbiology, 7th Ed. 2008

Available with Prescott, Harley, and Klein's Microbiology, Seventh Edition, are more than 150 animations to harness the visual impact of microbiology processes in motion.

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    File Name: Prescott, Harley and Klein's Microbiology, 7th Ed. 2008
    Edition: 7th
    Year: 2008
    Author(s): Joanne Willey, Linda Sherwood, Chris Woolverton
    ISBN-10: 0072992913
    ISBN-13: 978-0073302089
    Size: 76.6 MB
    File Format: .pdf
    Password: bioscience.pk
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Animations can be found on the ARIS Presentation Center at aris.mhhe.com. Since you control the action, these 3-D clips make great review and study tools! Each animation includes five questions to test your understanding of the concepts. Instructors can also import the animations into classroom presentations or online course materials! Book jacket.

The brand new author team of Prescott, Harley and Klein's Microbiology continues the tradition of past editions by providing a balanced, comprehensive introduction to all major areas of microbiology. Because of this balance, the Seventh Edition of Microbiology is appropriate for microbiology majors and mixed majors courses. The new authors have focused on readability, artwork, and the integration of several key themes (including evolution, ecology and diversity) throughout the text, making an already superior text even better.


Prescott, Harley and Klein's Microbiology, 7th Ed. 2008

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