Radioisotopes – Applications in Bio-Medical Science (1st Ed. 2011)

  • Editor: Nirmal Singh
  • Publisher: InTech

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Description: The book Radioisotopes-Applications in Bio-Medical Science contains two sections: Radioisotopes and Radiations in Bioscience and Radioisotopes and Radiology in Medical Science. Section I includes chapters on radioisotope production, radio-labeled nano-particles, radioisotopes and nano-medicine, use of radiations in insects, drug research, medical radioisotopes and use of radioisotopes in interdisciplinary fields etc.

In Section II, chapters related to production of metal PET (positron emission tomography) radioisotopes, 3-dimensional and CT (computed tomography) scan, SS nuclear medicine in imaging, cancer diagnose and treatments have been included. The subject matter will by highly useful to the medical and paramedical staff in hospitals, as well as researchers and scholars in the field of nuclear medicine medical physics and nuclear bio-chemistry etc.
Radioisotopes – Applications in Bio-Medical Science
  • Publisher InTech
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