Dayyal Dg.

Dayyal Dg.

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The parameters to be examined on physical examination of urine are listed below.

Fresh urine sample should be used because on standing urobilinogen is converted to urobilin, which cannot

Porphyrias (from Greek porphura meaning purple pigment; the name is probably derived from purple discoloration of
This is done by flow cytometric analysis for detection of lack of GpIb/IX in Bernanrd


03 Aug 2017
D-dimer is derived from the breakdown of fibrin by plasmin and D-dimer
FDPs are fragments produced by proteolytic digestion of fibrinogen or fibrin by plasmin. For determination of
Because diagnoses and treatment plans are made based on laboratory findings, it is imperative that the
Routine care and proper maintenance of microscope will ensure good performance over the years. In addition
Automated hematology analyzers work on different principles:


Automation is a process of replacement of tasks

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