T.S. of frog kidney T.S. of frog kidney



1. The kidneys in rabbit are metanephric

1. The kidneys in frog are mesonephric.

2. The kidneys are dark red, bean shaped situated in the middle of the abdominal cavity.

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2. Kidneys are flat, dark red structures present towards the posterior end of the body cavity.

3. The right kidney is slightly more anteriorly placed than the left.

3. The right and left kidneys are more or less at the same level.

4. The inner margin of each kidney consists of a notch called hilus.

4. Hilus is absent

5. Ureter emerges from the hilus

5. Ureter emerges from the outer margin of kidney.

6. The ureter expands into a fun­nel-like pelvis in the kidney.

6. Pelvis is aose~t.

7. The two ureters run posteriorly and open separately into the urinary bladder.

7. The two ureters run posteriorly and open into the cloaca.

8. The ureters carry only urine into the urinary bladder both in male and female.

8. The ureters carry urine and germ cells in males hence they are called urinogenital ducts. While in females they carry only urine.

9. The neck of urinary bladder opens into the urethra that lies in penis. Urethra opens out by an opening at the tip of penis in males. In females it opens into vestibule that inturn opens out by vulva present behind the ciitoris.

9. The neck of urinary bladder opens into the cloaca on the ventral side.

10. The urinary bladder is thin walled, muscular and its neck is called urethra.

10. Urinary bladder is bilobed.

11. The kidney is without bidder's canal

11. The inner margin of kidney consists of bidder's canal to receive spermatozoa and communicate with transverse collecting tubules that open into ureter.

12. The kidneys are supplied with a renal artery and a renal vein. Renal portal vein is absent.

12. The kidneys are supplied with four paris of renal arteries and four pairs of renal veins in addition to a renal portal vein.

13. Uriniferous tubule is divided into

i. Proximal convoluted tubule

ii. Henle's loop and

iii. Distal convoluted tubule.

13. Uriniferous tubule is divided into four parts namely

i. Neck like first part

ii. Second part,

iii. Third part and

iv. Fourth part

14. Uriniferous tubule is supplied with capillary network of renal vein

14. Uriniferous tubule is supplied with capillary network of renal portal vein and renal vein.

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