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Improving the Quality of Life of Senior Citizens

By Taufiq Ul Alam | Updated: Wednesday, 17 February 2021 20:11 UTC
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A senior couple walking
A senior couple walking Pixabay / pasja1000

Every being of this world is bound by the laws of nature. As human beings, we age by time. We were born as tiny, helpless babies. Then we grow up as adults, and within the time we reach our old age. When we reach nearly the age of 55 - 60, our working abilities decrease significantly. We prepare ourselves for retirement. As our age increases, we tend to be more fragile. That’s when we need extra care. As we take our retirement, we suddenly find a lot of time and much less to do. In this condition, most people swing towards depression and develop various fatal health conditions. But, it is possible to live a healthy and sound life. In the following article, we will state some factors that can help in increasing the quality of lifestyle for golden aged folks.

Overview of the Problems

Being alive is not always sufficient. Satisfaction and fulfillment is the ultimate goal of a healthy life. Being retired often snatches this sense. Moreover, the transition from a working person to a senior citizen claims it tolls in making a person depressed. And from this, a person claims severe mental and health problems. On the other hand, a positive view of life can impact greatly the life of a pensioner. They are likely to have more energy, better appetite, less stress, and health problems. Our goal is to reach that optimum line that ensures a comfortable life for our elderly.

Ways to Improve the Standard of Lifestyle for Golden Agers

We have asked our readers on about how we can improve the lifestyles of our senior citizens. They have helped us a lot with their personal experience and advice. We are going to list them below for easy understanding.

Fashion a Sense of Goal

No one is likely to feel valued if they don’t have a goal. And after retiring, most people develop a feeling that they are no longer useful to others. But they need to be reminded that there's a lot to learn from them. They have a certain amount of experience that many young people lack. And the people around the elderly should respect them for that.

Periodic Checkup of Mental and Physical Health

As age increases, the body tends to get more vulnerable, so does the mind. So, senior citizens should be under regular supervision for their mental and physical health. Some of the factors that need regular checkup are:

  • Mental Health: A retired person is likely to fall into depression due to a handful of reasons. So a monthly check-up becomes necessary for them.
  • Eyesight: The power to see can be decreased with age. So one must consult a doctor for the slightest discomfort and get glasses if needed.
  • Hearing Aids: According to research by WHO, one of three people between ages 55 - 64 suffers from hearing loss. And this can associate with a number of other mental and health problems. So consulting an audiologist for the slightest hearing discomfort is highly recommended. To help you out, here are some interesting facts about hearing aids and their usage.
  • Internal organ checkups: To lead a healthy life, one must get a checkup for their heart, lungs, and kidney. This will help them know the condition of these organs and help them avoid doing further damage and restore them.
  • Checking up associating with health problems: Many people suffer from pressure imbalance, diabetes, ulcer, and various other conditions. They should check them up on a regular schedule and keep them in optimum condition.

Keep Busy in Daily Task

Doing the daily chores can give the senior citizens a sense of accomplishment. Ask them to help you with the simplest tasks. It could be simple help to cook the meals, babysitting a child, taking a pet to walk, or working in a garden. It’ll help them greatly.

Solving Problems

The elderly persons can easily get bored. Keep them busy in solving problems like sudoku, crossword puzzles, or brain games.

Help them stay connected with the outer world

The retired people tend to avoid going out or meeting people. So they can easily get isolated. Help them connect with their friends, neighbors, and other like-minded persons.


It is our duty to look after our elders, as they sacrificed their youth for our betterment. Their experience and wisdom could be a mine of gold for us. They have seen a lot and we can’t even imagine how much we can learn from them. Also, our younger generation learns from us. If we don’t show the proper love, respect, and honor to our elders, there would be a time when we’ll be in their place. And we’ll be miserable just like we kept our seniors. So for your own wellbeing in the future, start paying the piper now.

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