CHOLERA is a specific infectious disease that affects the lower portion of the intestine

The ovaries are the sites of production of female gametes or
The male reproductive system consists of testes (paired
  • Gastric intubation for gastric analysis is contraindicated in esophageal stricture or varices, active nasopharyngeal disease,
In gastric analysis, amount of

Microscopic examinations done on fecal sample are shown in Figure 846.1.


Chemical examination of feces is usually carried out for the following

Normally, a very small amount of albumin is excreted in urine. The earliest evidence of glomerular
Two biochemical parameters are commonly used to assess renal function: blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and <
Glomerular filtration rate refers to the rate in ml/min at which a substance is cleared

In DM, applications of laboratory

Biochemical markers (Table 831.1) can be measured in semen to
Examination is carried out after liquefaction of semen that occurs usually within 20-30 minutes of ejaculation.


Definition of microscopic hematuria is presence

The chemical examination is carried out for substances in urine are listed below:

Microscopic examination of urine is also called as the “liquid

Bilirubin is converted to non-reactive biliverdin on exposure to light (daylight or fluorescent light) and on

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