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Does coolsculpting work, what are its side effects?

Naman Modi
Received on Thursday, 17 December 2020; Published on Thursday, 17 December 2020; Last updated on Thursday, 17 December 2020 21:08 Available online Thursday, 17 December 2020;


Being overweight and gaining weight is a cause of worry for many people. The flourishing junk food industry has aggravated this problem further.

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People nowadays frequently consume junk food without paying heed to their health and weight. This problem is prevalent mostly in youngsters. But as it is said, every issue has a solution, and so does this. Coolsculpting has evolved to check the problem of overweight. Coolsculpting is a practice that helps you in getting rid of the excess fat stored in different parts of your body. The process followed for the same is known as cryolipolysis. It freezes the fat in your body. It has the approval of the food and drug administration department situated in the U.S.


This procedure involves freezing the fat at a high temperature. The doctor targets the portion where there is excess fat, and during this process, a person tends to lose his/her 20-25% fat from the targeted area. The process is time-consuming as the results might take some months or years. Consequently, the fat gets destroyed without harming the person's skin and the tissues. Slowly and slowly, the dead fat cells get cleared by your immune system. Persons with loose skin and low skin tone should avoid this.

Targeted areas

Usually, this process is not encouraged for losing weight, but this can be resorted to if a person fails to shed weight by diet and exercise. During this process, the areas targeted include thighs, lower abdomen, belly fat, side fat, and hips area.

Side effects of coolsculpting

Though this is an effective remedy to shed stubborn fat but has some side effects too.

Is it effective?

Research conducted on coolsculpting declares this procedure as safe and effective. Coolsculpting will bring no harm to the liver of the concerned person. Besides this, the side effects after undergoing this treatment do not last too long. The success rate of coolsculpting is high as compared to other methods like liposuction. Whether the coolsculpting will prove useful or ineffective for a person depends mainly on the person's lifestyle.

How much does coolsculpting cost?

It is a kind of cosmetic treatment, and no insurance can cover it. The coolsculpting cost varies from person to person depending upon the person's body part, sessions, and location. All these factors will decide the coolsculpting cost. The area, e.g., the stomach, consists of stubborn fat and might be costly because of the too many sessions involved. On the other hand, only one session is for the arm, and consequently, its cost will be less compared to other parts.

Validity of coolsculpting

The validity of coolsculpting depends upon the lifestyle of the concerned person. If the person resorts to an unhealthy diet and stops exercising, then the fat might return.


Coolsculpting is a great technique to reduce stubborn fat from your body, but in addition to it, a person should follow a healthy lifestyle and take proper care of his/her body.