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Smart Grafting vs. PRP Surgery: Which is the Best?

Naman Modi
Received on Tuesday, 12 January 2021; Published on Tuesday, 12 January 2021; Last updated on Tuesday, 12 January 2021 05:09 Available online Tuesday, 12 January 2021;


Smart grafting and PRP for hair loss are among the most popular methods used to restore lost hair. If you wonder which method to go for, read this post for more about these two methods.

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No one wishes to be a victim of hair loss. However, it is a common medical condition that affects persons of ages 25 to 70 years. When it happens, it affects both the psychological and physical aspects of a person, rendering him or her depressed. Many have battled hair loss and lost, while others are still fighting to restore their lost hair. With several hair restoration methods that promise the desired results, which one is the best of them all?

When doctors want to restore lost hair, they use two of the most effective hair restoration techniques. These two methods include hair grafting or hair transplant and PRP therapy. Both of these hair restoration techniques are advanced methods. To help you make an informed decision on hair loss treatment, we have compared PRP therapy vs. hair grafting technique. Read on for more insights about the two hair loss treatments to see which one will work better for you.

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma)

Let's begin with PRP for hair loss. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma and is the latest technology in hair restoration. PRP doesn't need surgery when treating hair loss. Therefore, it is regarded as a minimally invasive technique of hair restoration. It is a form of therapy where the doctor performing the procedure draws the patient's blood and extracts platelet-rich plasma from the blood sample. Platelet-rich plasma contains numerous platelets, which are tiny cells responsible for cell regeneration and healing. After extracting this compound, the doctor will inject it into the patient's scalp to strengthen hair follicles and encourage them to produce hair. This procedure's mechanism is not quite clear, but doctors believe that platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors that help promote hair growth. To get the best out of PRP for hair loss, most doctors will advise the patient to combine PRP therapy and hair grafting. The hair transplant procedure takes healthy hair follicles from the donor area, and PRP is injected in the receiving site to speed up healing and hair growth. When done alone, PRP doesn't offer much compared to hair grafting.

Hair Grafting/Transplant

The hair grafting technique of hair restoration remains the best method to deal with stubborn hair loss. The majority of patients who opt for the hair transplant procedure can expect a 90% new hair growth. The hair transplant procedure can be done using two techniques: the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method, which is less invasive than the FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery), which is invasive. Although both approaches offer permanent ways to hair restoration, not everyone is eligible to have them. Another setback of hair grafting is that it leaves a scar, more so if the doctor uses the strip method of hair restoration. If the best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles says that you are not eligible for this hair loss procedure, you can opt for PRP therapy.

PRP offers many benefits, such as it requires less downtime, unlike the hair grafting procedure. It also doesn't require surgery, meaning that it won't leave any scar. The drawback of PRP therapy is that the patient will have to go for several sessions to get the best of this procedure. Another disadvantage is that if the patient's blood has low platelets, the procedure may not produce the desired outcome. There are cases where patients don't get new hair growth at all. With hair grafting, the probability of getting new hair growth is almost 100%. That is why it is the most preferred method of hair restoration. If the doctor approves the hair grafting method for you, it is the best way to restore your lost hair.


Although hair loss comes unexpectedly, the good thing is that there are several hair restoration techniques to help you restore your hair. If you plan to get a hair transplant treatment, the first thing you need to do is consult the best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles first to see if you are the right candidate for the procedure.