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7 Tips to make your IVF cycle successful

Sudhir Kumar
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Published: Sunday, 04 August 2019
Updated: Monday, 16 November 2020 13:15
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7 Tips to make your IVF cycle successful
7 Tips to make your IVF cycle successful Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre

Infertility is no longer a common issue and has estimated to affect people all over the world. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization emerged as a solution to battle the problem of infertility and have helped several couples to conceive using this technique.

IVF is an assisted reproductive technique of achieving pregnancy in which the natural process of fertilization takes outside the human’s body. In IVF, the eggs and sperms are combined in a petri dish to attain fertilization. And the embryos created with the help of the procedure are placed inside the woman’s uterus.

However, the process is not a cakewalk and demands efforts from the side of the patient undergoing the IVF treatment. We have heard quite often about the woman who experiences failure with IVF treatment as the chances of conceiving through IVF are one out of three.

IVF is a complex treatment and the success is not guaranteed. In case you are planning for an IVF treatment and not sure what necessary steps to take in order to make your IVF cycle a success, Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre has come up with some essential tips that you can incorporate in your schedule before getting your IVF treatment.

Below are some proven tips and tricks that can significantly increase the chances of conception through IVF.

1. Try meditation and avoid stress

If you are suffering from depression or high stress, then this could have a detrimental effect on the success of your IVF treatment. It is important that you stay calm and keep your vibrations high on the day of your treatment. Your success in IVF is determined by your ability to feel positive and your expectations for the best outcomes. While it is normal to feel anxious or doubtful about the treatment but it is not helpful in the long term. To avoid stress or unnecessary worrying, participate in some meditation or yoga programs that will help cleanse your energy. IVF is a long mentally demanding process that requires a lot of emotional resilience from your side.

2. Avoid high-intensity exercises

Besides maintaining a healthy weight, it is important that you refrain from heavy workouts as vigorous exercises can cause serious damage to reproductive organs and lead to a decrease in fertility levels of a woman. High-intensity exercise can adversely affect your chances of success in IVF and therefore should be avoided when looking for an IVF treatment. Try low-intensity exercises, yoga or stretching to keep yourself fit.

3. Try acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture has proven to be beneficial in treating various health conditions and is also helpful when undergoing IVF. Acupuncture is a complementary medical treatment that stimulates certain points in your body to improve the blood flow of that region. It can help reduce stress and give your ovaries and uterus necessary blood supply in order to ensure their effective functioning. So get some acupuncture treatment to get the desired results in your IVF cycle.

4. Abstain from alcohol and caffeine

Reduce or avoid the intake of alcohol as it can have negative impacts on your IVF results. Excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine affects the quality of eggs and sperm. Alcohol is bad for prenatal development and can increase the chances of miscarriage. Therefore, alcohol consumption and smoking should be avoided if you wish to have a pleasant IVF treatment experience. Smoking is also detrimental to IVF success because it affects fertility rates. Watch out if you have any of the mentioned habits and eradicate them as soon as you can.

5. Eat plenty of nutrition-rich foods

Make sure to make some changes in your diet as opting for a healthy nutritious diet can positively affect your IVF success by creating a healthy fertility environment in your body. Try consuming foods rich in zinc, folic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants to nourish your body while you choose to undergo an IVF treatment. You should also avoid consuming raw eggs, sea-food, and refined sugar because they negatively affect fertility in women.

6. Maintain a good sperm health

Men should avoid ejaculating 3-4 days before IVF treatment in order to preserve the good quality sperm. They should also take various multivitamins and supplements to optimize their sperm health. Abstaining from sex and masturbating can increase the chances of success in IVF. Their semen sample should be analyzed for detecting abnormalities before going for IVF treatment. Also, some medication is given to the male partner in order to enhance the quality of their sperm.

7. Search for the best fertility clinic

The most important aspect of a fertility treatment is the place you are choosing to experience the IVF journey as a good fertility clinic is the main contributor to your IVF success. You can try all the tips and tricks in the world to ensure success in the IVF treatment, but it is all in vain if you have chosen the wrong fertility clinic for the treatment. Therefore, it is crucial to do extensive research before deciding on a fertility hospital.

Dynamic IVF & Fertility Centre is surely the best fertility clinic for IVF treatment. Our experts have years of experience in giving effective fertility treatment to their patients. We have given desired outcomes to infertile couples who have received fertility treatment at our clinic. Our success rates are higher in comparison to the other fertility clinics and that’s why patients opt for our fertility clinic for IVF treatment. Choose us to make your IVF treatment a success.

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7 Tips to make your IVF cycle successful
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