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Wyeth and Novartis Show Interest in Endogen: A Medical Breakthrough Shown to Reverse The Cause of Endometriosis

By BS MediaTwitter Profile | Updated: Friday, 20 May 2022 14:37 UTC
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Wyeth and Novartis Show Interest in Endogen: A Medical Breakthrough Shown to Reverse The Cause of Endometriosis

Medicinal Technologies, The Next Big Name in Biomedicine and Biotechnology.

CEO and founder of Medicinal Technologies Dr. Sheryene Tejeda develops an unprecedented protocol for Endometriosis. Following decades of clinical trials and research, this acclaimed scientist has made biomedical history with a revolutionary breakthrough. Valued at $4.4 Billion dollars, the protocol is already being pursued for purchase by several of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide including Novartis and Wyeth. Endogen, not having yet been made available for purchase due to the influx of offers and manufacturing delays, is a three-part biomedical protocol noted to have no known adverse side effects and does not currently require a prescription. It will initially be offered in the United States but soon be purchasable regardless of a patient's location. This protocol will change the lives of many globally as according to statistics over 250 million women are diagnosed with Endometriosis, and millions more remain undiagnosed. To date there has been no viable remedy for the disease, causing women to seek relief through hormonal suppression, surgery, and pain medications, all of which are temporary methods of addressing only its symptoms. Endogen however was developed as a multi-faceted approach aimed at reversing the source of the disease. Additionally, during clinical trials, Endogen has shown promising results for disseminating cysts, fibroids, and other relative disorders that affect a woman's reproductive system.

Endometriosis is characterized by the presence and growth of endometrial tissues outside of the uterine cavity. This disease that affects women of reproductive age involves a hormone-dependent inflammatory process that can occur during pre or post-ovulation and heightened during a woman's menstrual cycle. Women experience varying levels of pain which can at times be debilitating.

Scarring, inflammation, and adhesions are some of the most common symptoms observed in women with Endometrial implants, which reduces fertility, and causes various other medical issues, and bowel issues which are aggravated by most pain medications. Women are frequently misdiagnosed with usual P.M.S. symptoms and pay little to no attention while it progresses.

Ultimately, the disease often results in loss of fertility, pelvic and other complications as the endometrial lesions spread to other organs. Endometriosis is progressive in nature and is staged by a medical professional. Though its source of development has until now not been clear; its global prevalence was estimated for the past 30 years from diagnostic records, which showed a total prevalence of up to 71% in women. The prevalence rates differ with respect to its stage, but the disease overall is affected by the woman's well-being.

Dr. Tejeda’s proposed mechanism of action for the development of Endometriosis (∑(σX GnRH ⇒ JEG3f )+ (σα ^βER ) ∴ NR3A1 ≥ 300-437pg/ml e (τ +30dy)∆ δEEC) involves the primary deviation in the GnRH gene, which is responsible for the production of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, an important regulator of the female reproductive system. This scientific equation is anticipated to change the course of biomedical history as it offers a never before observed correspondence between a monogenetic gene mutation and the development of Endometriosis

Prior to the research findings of Dr. Tejeda, it was unknown if Endometriosis was a female medical condition, disorder, disease, or had genetic factors. Thanks to successfully conducted trials and research Dr. Tejeda asserts "we now know it is in fact a disease with epigenetic biomarkers".

Although new to the biomedical industry, Medicinal Technologies is a forerunner in providing innovative biomedical and biotechnology, currently holding several patents for protocols and devices. Its founder Dr. Tejeda MD PhD MHS MFS, not limited to reproductive endocrinology-related conditions, continues research on both common and rare diseases and disorders with the goal to offer scientifically based answers and solutions.

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