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Which treatment you should choose to get rid of sweaty hands

Naman Modi
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Published: Tuesday, 24 November 2020
Updated: Tuesday, 24 November 2020 19:08
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Washing hands rubbing with soap man to get rid of sweaty hands.
Washing hands rubbing with soap man to get rid of sweaty hands. Pexels/Castorly Stock

The idea of shaking hands with friends is a nightmare to the people who have got sweaty hands. It doesn’t matter whether you are to attend a job interview, playing sports, or doing anything that needs holding each other’s hands.

Are you wondering how to get rid of sweaty hands? There are several tips that you should opt to try for more invasive procedures as a way of treatment. Be sure you can control that moisture, which will, in turn, give you back the confidence you deserve.

Here are the best ways to treat and get rid of your sweaty hand at Beverly Hills medspa. Once you visit here, their doctors will take you through many sweat tests to apply the best treatment. The tests on your hands will help them estimate the severity of your condition. In some instances, they advise you to undergo a combination of many treatments.


The Beverly Hills medspa antiperspirant lotion that they offer helps your hands to remain dry after application. It will boost your confidence, and you can find great people while on it.

The antiperspirant lotion provides temporary blocking of the sweat glands as it discontinues the sweat from reaching the surface of your skin.

Do you have an occasion or a singled out day that you would love to keep wetness at bay? Apply a pea-sized amount of this antiperspirant lotion and rub it for a while and be sure to keep your hands dry. Indeed, it is a life-changing product as it keeps your clammy hands under control even in your stressful moment. If you want to earn outstanding results, apply it at night as it will allow it to penetrate deeper into your pores.

Consistency is the key. The more you use it, the more it becomes useful for you. It is one of the most perfect, cheap, and noninvasive lotions that can help you get rid of your sweaty hands.

Botox injection

You could as well treat sweaty hands by injecting it with Botox. This Botox drug aims at temporarily blocking the nerves that lead to sweating. Here your skin gets iced or perhaps anesthetized first before injecting. It prevents you from pain so that you could have all affected areas to get the injection. That means you are likely to get several injections, a reason you should get anesthetized. The injections need to be repeated over and over again. But you will get the results that will begin to show a year later. If not, the treatment can continue. While this treatment is painful, some patients may experience temporary muscle weaknesses in the treated areas.

Nerve-blocking medications

Another method on how to get rid of sweaty hands is through getting some oral medications. The medications block the chemicals that allow specific nerves to communicate with each other. It, in turn, leads to a reduction of sweating in some people. But it has serious side effects like having dry mouths, low vision, and bladder issues.

Taking antidepressants

It has believed that stress and depression are one leading cause of sweaty hands. Some antidepressant medications have been used to decrease sweating. Besides, it may help reduce the anxiety that may worsen the situation.


Of all the suggestions, Botox injection is the perfect way to cure sweaty hands. But even the rest are nice ideas as they relieve sweat for some time though this varies. It is essential to try many of them to see what works best to be on the safer side. Also, there is a need to consider the amount you can use to avoid an extra expensive method.

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Which treatment you should choose to get rid of sweaty hands
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