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Best Flow Meters Used in Gas and Oil Industry

Naman Modi
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Flow meters are instruments used to measure the flow of liquids or gas. These fluids may be linear, nonlinear, mass, or volume. Flow meters are also referred to as flow sensors depending on a particular industry. There are many flow meters to choose from.

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When choosing a flow meter, consider several factors. If you select the right flow meter, you will get accurate results, and maintenance costs will be low. Coriolis flowmeters are the best when it comes to high accuracy. They are expensive to buy but will save you a great deal of money. They are easy to maintain and install. Always select a flow meter that is appropriate for your application to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Many flow meters are used to measure oil and gas. Each of these flowmeters has its advantages. The following are the best flowmeters used in the gas and oil industries.

Coriolis Flowmeters

Coriolis flowmeters
Figure 1382.1 Coriolis flowmeters

Coriolis flowmeters are used to measure the flow of gases and oils. The technology used in measuring gas and oil is not new. The commercial use of these flowmeters started in 1970. The only thing that has changed is the improvement of the meter. The original designs of Coriolis flowmeters were highly accurate but limited due to vibration issues. The introduction of a two-tube solved the vibration issue.

All types of Coriolis flowmeter work the same. The fluid that is flowing through the vibrating tube creates inertia, which makes the lines twist. Coriolis flowmeters have some advantages. They are very accurate and can be used well on a wide range of petroleum products. These flow meters give a direct measurement of mass than volume.

Coriolis flowmeters are more expensive to buy compared to other flow meters that measure volume. You can also buy them at a lower cost by maintaining lower maintenance needs.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Figure 1382.2 Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic flow meters determine the speed of fluids using ultrasonic waves. When the rate of fluid increases, the linear shift is increased. These flowmeters come in different shapes. These designs are inline and mounted inside the pipe.

The ultrasonic flow meters are expensive to buy, just like Coriolis. They also have outside noises that interfere with the readings. The accuracy of these flow meters can also be affected by dirt in the pipe. Always make sure that this meter is well maintained. Also, make sure that the pipe's thickness is not thick for it to give you accurate measurements.

Ultrasonic flow meters also have some advantages. They last long, and their maintenance cost is cost low. Make sure to go for this meter when measuring the flow of gases and oils. You will be assured of accurate results. To get more accuracy, make sure that the gas or the oil is in little rotation.

Thermal Flow Meters

Thermal Flow Meters
Figure 1382.3 Thermal Flow Meters

Thermal flowmeters are used to measure the flow of gases and oils. They operate by measuring the speed at which the heat disappears after being added into a gas flow. These flow meters are mostly used to measure the flow of gases.

The heat disappears depending on the creation of gas and temperature. It enables the thermal meter to be more accurate when the change is reduced. When measuring the flow of gases and oils, these flowmeters would be perfect. Their accuracy levels are high, and the maintenance cost is low also.

Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meters
Figure 1382.4 Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine flow meters measure the flow of liquids using a mechanical rotor. This rotor is fixed to a shaft in the pipe. The rotor's blade uses the flow of fluids to rotate. If the fluid flow is increased, the rotor will rotate fast. The sensor will then determine the speed at which the rotor is rotating.

Turbine flow meters work best in measuring the flow of gases. Their accuracy and maintenance costs are also low. For high accuracy, make sure the flow of fluids is high. If the characteristics of the gas are known, this flow meter can measure mass. Make sure you maintain this meter occasionally. This is because they can wear and tear. Turbine flow is widely used, and you can find them in different models. Always go for them when measuring the flow of gases and oils.


Gas and oil flowmeters are of different types. When measuring the flow of fluids, make sure you go for the more accurate meter. In this case, Coriolis flowmeters are the most popular when it comes to accuracy. Also, make sure to use the meter for its application. Also, consult the experts on the best meter for the best results.