Prefixes & Sufixes

The following list is by no means complete, but it may help in understanding some difficult terminology. The following abbreviations are used ; Gr., for the Greek ; L., for the Latin.
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Term Definition

(Gr., part), micromere , small part.


(Gr., like), amoeboid ( amoeboid ), like an Amoeba.


(Gr., swelling or tumor), carcinoma , malignant growth (cancer).


(Or., loving), thermophile , heat-loving organism.


(Or., leaf), mesophyll , middle part of a leaf.


(Or., plant), sporophyte , spore-bearing plant.


(Or., formed), ectoplasm , outer region of the cell cytoplasm.


(Or., foot), octopus , animal with eight feet or appendages.


(Or., wing), Diptera , order of insect with two wings.


(Or., flesh), ectosarc , outer flesh or layer of protoplasm.


(Or., see) microscope , instrument enabling one to see minute ‘objects.


(I. ., to cut), dissect , to cut.


(L., half), semicircle , half of a circle.


(Gr., case), spermatheca , sperm-case.


(Gr., to cut), microtome , instrument to cut small sections.