Prefixes & Sufixes

The following list is by no means complete, but it may help in understanding some difficult terminology. The following abbreviations are used ; Gr., for the Greek ; L., for the Latin.
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(suffix designating an enzyme), protease enzyme that acts on proteins.


(Gr., fruit), pericarp , wall around the plant ovary.


(Gr., green), mitochondria , small, granular parts of protoplasm.


(L., kill), insecticide , agent that kills insects.


(Gr., odontos, tooth) or Thecodont.


(Gr., cut), appendectomy , removal of the appendix.


(Gr., blood), anaemia, blood deficiency.


(L., to bear), Porifera , phylum comprising pore- bearing sponges.


(L., shape), uniform , all one shape.


(Gr., to produce), pathogenic , capable of causing disease.


(Gr., to bear or hold), ingest, to take in.


(Gr., jelly), mesoglea, middle, jelly-like layer in certain animals.


(Gr., inflammation), appendicitis, inflammation of the appendix.


(Gr., covering), neurilemma , covering of a nerve.


(Gr., study), zoology , study of animals.


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