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Mukesh Dg.

BIOSCIENCE member since 2017-12-31 12:11:12

Mukesh Dg. is a Lab Tech and student of B.Sc. at S.M. Govt Science College, Karachi. He also enjoys writing food and drink, microbiology and medical laboratory tests related articles.

Mukesh Dg.
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Mukesh Dg.
Mukesh Dg. in Microbiology
Tuesday, 09 January 2018 08:31 Featured


CHOLERA is a specific infectious disease that affects the lower portion of the intestine and is characterized by violent purging, vomiting, muscular cramp, suppression of urine and rapid collapse. It can a terrifying disease with massive diarrhea. The patient’s fluid losses are enormous every day with severe rapid dehydration, death…

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  • How is Cholera spread
  • Cholera causes
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  • how to treat cholera at home
  • cholera treatment and prevention
  • cholera treatment antibiotics
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