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She is a student of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from the University of Punjab. She has an insatiable obsession with research in genetics, food and medical microbiology.

Tamseel Ch
Tamseel Ch
Tamseel Ch in Microbiology
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“Gut flora is a complex community of organisms that inhabit human and animal digestive system”. Relation between humans and gut flora is mutualistic. Bacteria in the digestive system assist in nutrient metabolism, vitamin production, and waste processing. They also aid in the host's immune system response to pathogenic bacteria.

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Tamseel Ch
Tamseel Ch in Genetics
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Telomere Indicator of Physiological Age

Have you ever wondered, what is your physiological age? Is it more or less than your chronological age? Physiological age determines a person’s health condition. Are we able to determine physiological age? You would think the answer is NO. but it can be done by determining telomere’s length. “Telomere is…

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