The pseudopodia are temporary extensions of any part of the body of a protozoan without pellicle These are found in Sarcodina. Their shape, size and structure vary in different groups. They are 4 types.
a) Lobopodia : These are short and blunt, finger like outgrowths of ectoplasm with on internal core of endoplasm.
Ex : Amoeba, Arcella.
b) Filopodia : The Filopodia are slender, thread-like projections from ectoplasm.
Ex : Euglypha
c) Reticulopodia : These are filamentous structures, of ectoplasm which branch and anastomose to form a complex network.
Ex : Polystomelia
d) Axopodia : The axopodia or actinopodia are long, stiff with pointed distal ends. Each axopodium consists of an enveloping sheath of cytoplasm around a central axial rod.
Ex : Actinophrys
Study about detail description of classification of protozoa based on locomotors organs.


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