In pila a big kidney will work as an excretory organ. It is called organ of Bojanus. It is present on the left side. It opens to the exterior.
It has two chambers. One is on the right anterior side and the second one is at the left posterior side.
A. Right anterior chamber: It is oval in shape. It is red in colour. It is present anterior to the pericardium. It opens into the branchial cavity of palial complex. The second side opens into the posterior chamber.
The cavity in this chamber is reduced. It shows a number of lamella. They are supplied with blood They take excretory wastes from blood and send ink branchial cavity.
B. Left Posterior Chamber: It is broad lobe. It is brown in colour. It is present on the left side of Hepato-pancreas. It has big lumen. Its one end opens into pericardium through reno-pericardial-aperture. The other end is connected withanterior chamber.
Mechanism of Excretion:
The two chambers will absorb nitrogenous waste materials present in the blood supplied to them. Thus collected nitrogenous waste materials will be sent into branchial chamber and finally sent. Pila excretes ammonia. It is ammenotelic animal. When pila is moving on land it will excrete urea it is called ureotelic animal.


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