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Description: You’re definitely aware of Thrombosis, the cloting of blood inside blood vessels and that its consequences can be in some cases dramatic.
For this reason you might be taking blood thinners (anti-clotting drugs or anticoagulants) which help you remedy this problem. With this treatment, some standards and coefficients are required to monitor the coagulation levels of your blood during treatment stages.
The INR or International Normalized Ratio was developed to report the results of clotting tests. At the time it was implemented, the main purpose was to standardize PT (prothrombin time) because the test results were inconsistent, varying from one lab to the other.
To determine your INR ratio in a simple manner, INR Calculator is designed. With it you can calculate the ratio in a few simple steps. All that is required is for you to enter the values for the ‘PT patient’ , ‘PT normal’ and ‘ISI’ then simply click ‘Calculate’. The resulting number is immediately displayed with all its decimals.
INR Calculator is very easy to install and use. It’s a browser based application that requires almost no system resources to run which makes it a good solution for on the fly situations.
It does indeed help you out when you don’t have another quick way of obtaining the INR value but in order to be able to use it correctly, you need to know all the other values which apply to your case. The PT and ISI ( International sensitivity index) need to be accurate.
In closing, INR Calculator is a handy and practical application that can definitely prove helpful when you want to obtain your INR value.
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