Comprehensive Atlas of 3D Echocardiography (1st Ed. 2012)

  • Author(s):

    Stanton K. Shernan MD

  • ISBN-10: 1451143222
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451143225

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Discription:  The Comprehensive Atlas of 3D Echocardiography takes full advantage of today’s innovative multimedia technology. To help the reader understand the unique dynamic nature of a comprehensive 3D echocardiographic examination, the printed pages are supplemented with a companion website; this Atlas introduces the use of anatomy specimens, videos, unique imaging windows, and novel displays obtained with cropping tools.  This approach offers a clear picture of how the diagnostic and monitoring capabilities of 3D echocardiography can benefit patients with a wide range of cardiovascular pathology, including congenital heart disease.

By showing a large number and variety of case studies, this Atlas demonstrates how 3D echocardiography can greatly enhance the diagnosis and clinical decision-making, especially when compared to two-dimensional techniques.

Whether you’re a Cardiologist, Sonographer, Anesthesiologist, Intensivist, Cardiac Surgeon, Researcher or any other Cardiovascular Medicine Professional, you’ll find this new Comprehensive Atlas of 3D Echocardiography is a must have reference book.


• Companion website includes more than 350 videos and 400 still images

• Emphasizes real-time 3D TEE technology

• Comparisons with anatomic specimens and 2D echocardiographic images provided, where helpful, to aid in the understanding of how 3D     views and measurements relate to standard 2D techniques

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Comprehensive Atlas of 3D Echocardiography
  • ISBN-10 1451143222
  • ISBN-13 978-1451143225
  • File Format .pdf
  • File Size 67.0 MB
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