Case-Based Brain Imaging (RadCases) by A. John Tsiouris (2013-02-19) (2013)

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    A. John Tsiouris;Joseph P. Comunale;Pina C. Sanelli

  • ASIN: B01FIYM4B0

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File Name: Rad.CasesA.ZJohn.Tsiouris.Joseph.P.Comunale.Pina.C.Sanelli.Case.Based.Brain.Imaging.txt
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Discription:  The book follows a pattern of showing a case with description and almost complete information about that specific topic and follows with an extra or couple extra cases of the same topic to reinforce the acquired knowledge. Really nice idea, works great for me, clear explanations, good quality pictures. Wont part with this book.

Case-Based Brain Imaging (RadCases) by A. John Tsiouris (2013-02-19)
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  • Published Tuesday, 27 June 2017 11:08
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