Wintrobes Clinical Hematology (13th Ed. 2013)

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    John P. Greer MD (Author, Editor),Daniel A. Arber MD (Editor), Bertil Glader MD PhD (Editor),Alan F. List M.D. (Editor),Robert T. Means Jr. MD (Editor),Frixos Paraskevas MD (Editor),George M. Rodgers MD (Editor),John Foerster MD (Editor)

  • ISBN-10: 1451172680
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451172683

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Description: With the 13th edition of Wintrobe’s Clinical Hematology, this new edition once again bridges the gap between the clinical practice of hematology and the basic foundations of science. Broken down into eight parts, this book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of: Laboratory Hematology, The Normal Hematologic System, Transfusion Medicine, Disorders of Red Cells, Hemostasis and Coagulation; Benign Disorders of Leukocytes, The Spleen and/or Immunoglobulins; Hematologic Malignancies, and Transplantation. Within these sections, there is a heavy focus on the morphological exam of the peripheral blood smear, bone marrow, lymph nodes, and other tissues. With the knowledge about gene therapy and immunotherapy expanding, the book includes new, up-to-date information about the process and application of these therapies. Likewise, the editors have shed a completely new light on the process of stem cell transplantation in regards to both malignant and benign disorders, graft versus host disease, and the importance of long-term follow-up of transplantation survivors. The textbook features an online, interactive companion that has a reference list for each chapter as well as two appendices one reviewing the clusters of differentiation (CD) molecules and one that reviews lab values and photomicrographs of the blood of animals. Along with these tools, the authors plan to post updates online when they are particularly pertinent or important.

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Wintrobes Clinical Hematology
  • ISBN-10 1451172680
  • ISBN-13 978-1451172683
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