Special Procedures and Troubleshooting | COULTER® EPICS® XL™ Flow Cytometer | COULTER EPICS XL-MCL™ Flow Cytometer | BECKMAN COULTER

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History of Flow Cytometry


Use the Reference manual for in-depth information on the principles of flow cytometry, information about what your instrument does, the methods it uses, its specifications, and information on installation, safety, and system options.
Use the Getting Started manual to become familiar with the controls and indicators for your system and to learn about protocols, regions, panels, and the basic skills you need to operate the system. This manual also has an overview of the software.
Use the Operator’s Guide for the day-to-day running of your instrument. Go through the detailed step-by-step procedures of startup, quality control (QC), running samples, analyzing data, printing reports, reviewing QC data, and shutdown.
Use the Data Management manual for instructions on how to export, save, copy, move, archive, and delete files. It also has information about the types of files your system creates and uses, instructions for working with QC features, and instructions for setting up the report template that you need to create your patient reports.
Use the Special Procedures and Troubleshooting manual to clean, replace, or adjust a component of the instrument. The Troubleshooting tables and error messages appear at the back of the manual.
Use the Operating Summary as a quick reference for basic procedures.
Use the Master Index to easily locate a topic in any of your manuals.
Use the User's Comment Card in the Reference manual to give us your comments about the manual and ways to improve it.
Special Procedures and Troubleshooting - User Manual | BECKMAN COULTER
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