We know how hard it is to find quality advertising at affordable rates. Many times, work at home businesses are funded completely with the owner's own finances. Most of that money goes towards supplies and inventory, with little left for advertising.
We give you the option of purchasing advertising space at rates that fit your budget while giving you the most bang for your buck. Besides your ad on every page of the website, it will also be featured in our monthly newsletter and we are happy to advertise your weekly specials on the website and on the BioScience. (PK) Facebook page.
We support advertisement which includes Text, Image, Flash and Other Rich Media Type Ads. Standard Banner Sizes (jpg, gif, flash and other image formats)
1. 728 x 90px $5 per month
2. 230 x 600px $25 for six months ($4.17 per month)
Payments can be made via PayPal, HBL, Easy Paisa, UBL Omni, Mobi Cash or U-Paisa.
You can also receive free ad space by sponsoring a giveaway and/or review.


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